We are proud to show our capabilities

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A mismatch between the project owner and the development team is a serious problem. Thanks to our refund policy, you can work with us risk-free. For companies with existing products, we offer our Test Drive service, which allows you to assess our capabilities before you make any commitments.

During Test Drive, our team works for approximately one man-day to provide incrementation for your project. This way, you can get a taste of our capabilities without having to sign any contracts. The best part? You pay only once you are satisfied with the outcome. This means only once the goal of Test Drive is met, and only if you want to keep the changes we made. If not, we won’t charge you a single penny.

In other words, the risk of mismatch is on us. No strings attached

How it works


Define the scope

We discuss with you what we can feasibly complete in one or two days. We also encourage you to share your goals and priorities with us so we can pick the best option that will give your product the most value.



Share the code

We ask you to share the code repository so that our team can get familiar with the code. That way they can deploy it in our test environment to make sure everything goes smoothly during the Test Drive. We are happy to sign an NDA to protect your IP, but please let us know at least three days prior.



Team and date

Usually, we designate our CTO to work for one day (~7h). Depending on the scope of the project, it may be scheduled up for two days with a team of two (CTO and mid/junior developer)



Test Drive!

The team starts working on implementation within the agreed scope. We usually recommend that you (the client) are available during that day to answer any additional questions that may arise, but it’s not mandatory.




After the Step 4 is complete, we will share the results with you. You can test it on our servers, and you’ll have up to three business days to decide whether or not we met your expectations




If we met your expectations and you want to use the result of our work, we bill it according to the time consumed. If you don't want to keep the result of Test Drive, that's fine! We’ll discard it, and you won’t receive a bill (but you won’t be able to keep the finished results, either).


Book your seat

Every week, we have one slot available for a Test Drive. We can't guarantee our availability.

Please note that the minimum stage of a project eligible for the Test Drive is a barebones MVP. It's hard to provide incrementation in one day for an idea that's still on a napkin :)